Small Garden - Venus Fly Trap - 10 Seeds

Dionaea Muscipula

Buzzy SKU: 085456
Small Garden - Venus Fly Trap - 10 Seeds

Small Garden - Venus Fly Trap - 10 Seeds

Dionaea Muscipula

Buzzy SKU: 085456
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Dionaea Muscipula:

  • Type: Carnivorous plant that catches and digests small insects
  • Trapping Mechanism: Triggered by tiny hairs on inner surfaces of leaves
    • Trap closes when hairs are touched twice in succession
    • Trap forms a ‘stomach’ to digest prey
    • Each trap can only close and reopen a limited number of time
  • Included: 10 seeds, oval zinc tub, soil and cocopress tablet


  • Preparation:
    • Place pebbles or gravel at the bottom of the zinc planter for drainage
    • Fill with enclosed peat, reserving a small amount for later
    • Open seed packet over plain white paper to avoid losing seeds
    • Warning: please be careful when opening as the seeds are very small
  • Planting:
    • Evenly distribute seeds over the peat in the planter
    • Sieve remaining peat with a coarse kitchen sieve and cover the seeds
    • Spray seeds gently with rainwater or distilled water (avoid tap water, too much calcium and will kill the plant)
    • Cover container with cling-film to prevent dehydration
    • Place in a very sunny position with a temperature of at least 25°C
    • Check soil periodically to maintain moisture
  • Germination: Takes 2-3 months; patience and care are essential
  • Transplanting: Once leaves appear, transplant into a 12 cm diameter pot filled with peat
    • Place pot on a saucer and water by pouring directly into the saucer, do not water plants directly
  • Care:
    • Requires a couple of years to fully grow
    • With sufficient light and correct temperature, the inside of the trap turns red
    • During winter, allow plant to hibernate in an unheated area (7-10°C)
    • Add water to the saucer every 2-3 days

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