About us


We are a Dutch family-owned business which is run from our little home, situated in a small village called Gyömöre in Hungary. Surrounded by picturesque fields and a beautiful landscape. During the long Covid-19 lockdown, while we were growing our own flowers and vegetables, the idea of starting our family business was born.
 We would like to offer you, what we feel, are the best brands in seeds, peonies, roses and home & garden supplies. While keeping our environment in mind for our future generations.
We are honoured with our cooperation with Heinen Delfts Blauw which is part of the Dutch heritage. My father was a Delfts Blue painter in his younger years and the beautiful vases remind us of him.
It brings us great joy sharing this wonderful heritage with the world. As we feel it is our duty to uphold this tradition. So it will not be forgotten.
 Wrendale Designs is one of our other partners who embodies the closeness to nature with their amazing collections. Sharing their love for wildlife all over the world. Spreading passion and happiness with their artwork, personally designed by Hannah Dale.
Before we decided to walk down this new road, we travelled all over the world. In search of purpose, not realizing we had it at home.
Embracing the joy of life.